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Oh My Heavenly Hair is very concerned about world issues both near and far. Saving our Earth, stamping out poverty, addressing the human condition, health issues, civil rights, women rights, children rights, and education are a high priority for us here at OMHH. As an active participant in change for the better, Oh My Heavenly Hair is dedicated to making the world a better place, one product at a time. OMHH will contribute a percentage of all proceeds from The Fabulously Therapeutic Collection-Vegan Hair & Body Wash and Conditioner, as well as volunteer services to organizations that are passionate in their pursuit of a better world. As always, we will act as an information base and keep you well informed and up to date on our progress.

Wash Your Hair-Change The World "FABULOUSLY"

Wash your hair-change the world. It really is that simple. By purchasing any product from the Fabulously Therapeutic Line, you will be doing your part to create a better world.

You can support Oh My Heavenly Hair with your purchases from the Fabulously Therapeutic Collection. A percentage of each product sold from the collection will be donated to a specific organization or group that is changing the world for the better. These contributions will never be less than 20% of each product purchased. All organizations chosen to receive a donation from OMMH will be listed on the web site.

Fabulously Therapeutic Collection

Oh My Heavenly Hair Fabulously Therapeutic Collection is a dual purpose collection of natural, vegan and organic products designed to cleanse, nourish, replenish, condition, and restore hair and skin to optimum health. Fabulously Therapeutic is made from botanicals, herbs, essential oils, and other naturally beneficial ingredients.

The Fabulously Therapeutic Collection is beautifully packaged and chicly priced for those budget conscience fashionistas who want quality healthy products at a price that won't break the bank. The Fabulously Therapeutic Collection is the affordable solution for beautifully healthy hair and skin.

Please Join Us

Please help change the world for the better. We're doing our part by providing you with products that are natural, organic, and vegan for your hair, body, and spirit. You can support Oh My Heavenly Hair's efforts in the form of product purchases. Your support is greatly needed and much appreciated.

An old African proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child". Collectively we can change the world for the better- one product at a time.

Till soon, DHB.

Our Latest Campaign For A Better World
Upward Rise! (In, to, or toward a higher place, level, or position/ To assume a standing position after lying, sitting, or kneeling.
September 28, 2014
Runway in front of The OMhh Store, 503 Atlantic Avenue off 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217
OMhh Inc. 3rd Annual ITTGNHS (It's Time To Go Natural Hair Show) during the 40th Anniversary of The Atlantic Antic
This year OMhh has decided to choose 3 organizations that help women in crises for this years runway show. We've entitled this show "Upward Rise" It is an opportunity for OMhh to help support, uplift and bring joy to women during a difficult time. In total, 15 women will experience a day of fashion fun and runway excitement as they walk the runway to strut their new look.
OMhh through Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh will offer free hair care services to each of the 15 women. The OMhh Store will donate their signature product in gift bags to each of the 15 women.
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